Saturday, November 13, 2010

Headaches... HEADACHES 0.o Migraines? Effin headaches man.... err migraines whatever

14 hours.... curled up into a fucking ball, reduced to crying because the fuckin washing machine was too loud not to mention for a while I had tremors and punched a wall to try and calm myself... 0.o
Am I the only one that gets migraines/headaches/etc. etc. this bad? shit fuckin sucks
Now I've got a new prescription for Midrin that gives me a bit of a Ooooo I'ma be blastin n laxin all over the place feel without getting rid of the damn headaches
it even adds a worstened state of mind with 2 hours of my mind ringing in my ear

alright... I'm done complaining.
(this message brought to you from Christopher Harrison Lycan)


  1. close your eyes and start to visualize! it may be helpful. i hope you will be good.