Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why the hell am I staying here?

This town has gone to fucking hell. Scratch that, this town has been fuckin hell. Modesto California, Why have you been such a little bitch to me?
Me and my family shoulda left your punk ass when that meth cook got shot and went to our front door step asking us for help 8 years ago, but Noooooooooo we had to listen to my mother and just move to the other side of town.
Well what have I learned from this entire outcome?
This town is fucking hell.
Yup, so now's my chance to find a place to go, I've got free tickets anywhere due to my dad's flight beneficiary plans through United Airline.
All I've got to do is get a job and save a bit of money so I can spend myself a 1 week getaway from shitsville.
Any ideas on where I should go everlasting Blogstoppers?

1 comment:

  1. brazil is pretty good for vacations.. but surelly not for living