Monday, November 1, 2010

so honestly

I'm kinda lost on the outlook of myself.
On a split side I'm both a fuckup and a good kid.
I've spent months in rehabilitation cares for my drug habits but I still try to be a positive personality amongst others
I often find myself always hurting everyone, but in my mind I'm only trying to help.
3 years of my high school education was never done, I spent absolutely no time in class and now I've got just this year to make up for it

so honestly
give me your outlook on the subject, either comment on what I should do or tell me your stories


  1. Depends on the type of drugs you were being cleansed of I think.

  2. Methamphetamines and heroin
    only went to rehab for the meth though
    heroin had my parents help me get through that one

  3. eh u sound like me when i was younger, keep yer chin up and work hard...youll be fine